Arrowhead Lodging

Arrowhead Lodging Rates and Rules

Please click here to download or print our Guest Reservation Form.

DELUXE CABINS - click here for additional photos
    Daily $135 - up to 4 guests
    Winter Daily $95 - up to 4 guests
    Winter Holidays $110 - up to 4 guests.
    Spring Break $110 - up to 4 guests.

    Guest house: Daily $330 - Comfortable sleeping capacity: 12 - click here for additional photos
    Cottage: Daily $200 - Comfortable sleeping capacity: 7 - click here for additional photos

Guest House 12 people Max
Cottage 7 people Max
Cabins 4 people Max

If more persons than Maximum allowed an additional $100.00 charge will be billed. ! ! ! ! NO EXCEPTIONS ! ! ! !

Thursday – Sunday there is a two day minimum. ( May 10th thru September 10th only )
Monday – Wednesday Daily rates apply year around, except Holiday weeks and Spring Break.
Add 6% occupancy tax.

Cancellations/refunds: You are responsible for payment of days reserved, however,

Cancellations made less than 7 days prior to arrival will be charged $50.

Check-in 3:00 pm and Check-out 11:00 am
Office Hours
8 AM - 7 PM - Summer
8 AM - 6 PM - Winter

* Property on septic system.


There are few restrictions on the property and houses.
Treat the houses with the same respect you show your, or your parents’, house.

    • There will be additional charges for excessive cleaning, damaged, and/or broken items.
    • Must Clean and Return any Pans, Utensils, and Plates used!!!
    • Smoking not allowed inside cabins, houses, or cottage.
    • Intoxication not permitted.
    • Children are welcome, but remember to keep watch of them, especially when they are in or near the water.
    • Pets are welcome, and they are the owners' responsibility. A kennel is available.
    • Dogs must be taken to designated relief area.
    • Dogs must be on leash when not in kennel.
    • Additional $50 pet cleaning fee for animals kept inside.
    • Dogs are not allowed on furniture.
    • These breeds, or cross-breeds, are not welcome:
            Pit Bulls
            German Shepherds
            Doberman Pincers
            Chow Chows
            Presa Canarios

    • If a dog is permitted in, and later proves to be aggressive, or fouls the common areas, the guests and their dog
      will be asked to leave.
    • There are no refunds when a guest is requested to leave for violating the above rules.